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The Details

C i r c u l a r i t y


Everything I do is centred around reducing waste and creating clothing that hopefully will be kept and loved forever but if for any reason it is gotten rid of it can be recycled and reused.


All fabrics and trims are sourced secondhand. I source from online marketplaces, car boots and charity shops. 


Some of my blocks are designed to be zero waste such as the Simonne Puffer. The body is square pattern cut, which means they are designed so that the pattern pieces fit together perfectly when cutting out and therefore eliminates any waste. 


For the pieces that are not zero waste, I keep all off cuts and either upcycle these into accessories or I am working on shredding the smaller pieces down to use as padding for my AW21 jackets. 


I think about the end of life at the start so when I am choosing fabrics I try and avoid mixing fabric groups as much as possible for ease of recycling at end of life. For the same reason I avoid using trims and elastic as much as possible too. 


My aim is to be completely circular and ultimately support a regenerative future.

Payment Methods

C a r i n g  F o r  Y o u r C l o t h e s

Be kind to your clothes and treat them with the love that they give to us ! 


Wash only when necessary, on a cold eco wash setting and eco detergent ideally. (Love for all of my eco cleaning needs).


For man made fibres it is advised to use a guppy bag to stop extra micro plastics ending up in our oceans. 


If you do one thing please just avoid using a tumble dryer. They wear down your clothes, add to your bills and are all round bad for the planet. Line dry or hang out in the sunshine. This way you will benefit from the suns antibacterial properties & also help to fade any stains. 

P a c k a g i n g 

It is very important to me that all of my packaging is in line with my zero waste, circular values. 


I have 2 different packaging for sending out orders at the moment : 


  1. Recycled, Recyclable brown paper bags

  2. Compostable mailers 


I then tie up the clothing with vintage ribbons which I of course encourage everyone to reuse on their next parcel ! The cards I attach are made of paper with seeds in that you can plant and a variety of cute plants will grow. 

  R e f u n d s  
R e t u r n s

For Ready Made Items:


Please make sure you have double checked measurements and are confident the garment you are buying will fit you before purchasing. 


Please also note all fabrics I use are secondhand. Part of this means they will sometimes have imperfections which I think adds to their charm. This is not a valid reason to request a refund. 


Ultimately where I am doing this to reduce waste I do not want you to be left with something you will not wear so I do accept returns and or exchanges minus the cost of the postage to you. 


You have 14 days to request a refund or exchange. Strictly no exceptions after that. 


For Custom Bespoke Pieces:


I can not accept refunds or exchanges. No exceptions.

M a k e r s 

In order to expand slowly and consciously I have started working with a few people that I have worked with previously or been recommended to and visit regularly to ensure everything meets and exceeds my expectations. For me it all centres around trust and the relationship I build with all of my makers that I really pride myself on. Being made in the UK is also really important to me.


My team of talented makers:

-An amazing pattern cutter, who I have known for a long time and have worked with in previous jobs. They are more my friend than anything else and I love working with them and the expertise that they bring to my pieces. 

- A wonderful seamstress who I found through my next door neighbour. She is extremely talented and puts so much love and care into each piece she is a dream to work with.


-A small sample room in North London to help with the production of bigger orders. Being made in the UK is really important to me.


I also still cut and make some of the pieces myself, when I have the time.

G r e a t e r  G o o d

I am committed as a brand to education of the next generation and inspiring and supporting the wider community.

So far I have spoken at, and worked with Kingston, Westminster and Nottingham Trent University. I love volunteering my time in this way so please get in touch if this could be helpful to where you are. I am also always happy to give advice to students or anyone looking to get into the industry, feel free to contact me.

In collaboration with the LABE20 I have also put together my first upcycling takeover with 5 other amazing brands to showcase the potential of upcycling and to get the local community involved too.


Charities supported by Freya Simonne: 


The Love Hearts Appeal

the OR foundation



All we have is today and the choices we make, for a better tomorrow.

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