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I am Freya and my middle name is Simonne. Named after my amazing Grandma - Simonne.














The best role model I could have asked for, she was someone I always looked up to. This is for you Grandma.


After working in the industry as a designer for almost 10 years I was burnt out and exhausted. Confronted with the sheer quantity of throw away clothing that was being consistently shipped out under never ending price crunches, was something I could no longer stomach.  I wanted to spend my time doing something that aligned with my values and would not harm our beautiful planet.


 Freya Simonne was born.

I want to inspire people to see the value in things they already own and reimagine them in new ways.

By exclusively using vintage textiles, I will be protecting mother natures' finite resources whilst creating beautiful forever pieces of one of a kind clothing.

More than just the clothes as a brand I am also passionate about education, supporting the next generation and giving something back to local communities & causes close to my heart.


The ultimate aim is to create a system that can be repeated infinitely whilst actively giving back to both people and planet.

I truly believe the future of fashion will be made from the past.

Thank you for coming on this journey with me 


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